Our business has been built on the fact that we are a top-notch installer of seamless
epoxy floor systems
and polished concrete. The installation and maintenance of
hese high performance floor systems remains and will always be the backbone of
Industrial Floors and Coatings. We pride ourselves on our ability to prepare and
stall a high-quality floor in almost any facility under almost any circumstances.
Preparing the Floor
The most critical aspect to a floor project is the
extent to which the existing surface is prepared.
A poor prep job is a leading cause in floor failure,
but is the one area of a project that most
installers neglect. We recognize the importance
of a superior preparation process and have
perfected a comprehensive prep program.
Industrial Floors and Coatings is equipped to
use high-powered steel shot-blast machines,
or diamond grinders to give the existing floor
an ideal profile, ensuring the proper
mechanical bond between old floor and new.
Shot-blasting with steel shot or diamond grinding
is the ideal way to adequately prepare an existing
concrete floor for our products. All of our
equipment comes with self-contained dust
collectors, ensuring that minimal concrete dust
will be released at your facility.
Diamond grinding a relatively new concrete
pad ensures the proper mechanical bond
between concrete and coating without
damaging too much of the substrate.
Using floor magnets and a walk-behind
sweeper after the blasting or grinding is
finished helps keep contaminants out of the