Industrial Floors &
Coatings, Inc.
P.O. Box 8008
Paducah, Ky
Established in 1991, Industrial Floors and Coatings has
worked diligently with material and equipment suppliers
to become
an industry leader in seamless epoxy flooring
and concrete polishing.
Our commitment to customer
service and to giv
ing our very best effort in every
situation and on every
prjject makes us the ideal choice
the installation of a floor system.
The Industrial Floors and Coatings Advantage
When you choose Industrial Floors and Coatings for your
flooring or painting needs, you're not only getting superior
materials and installation, but a level of customer service
and support that only a company like IFC can provide. At
Industrial Floors and Coatings, the most important aspect of
a project is whether or not the customer is happy with the
final product. That's why we make sure our customers get
the perfect floor system for their individual needs and stand
behind our work after the installation is complete. With a
combined forty years of experience, our employees know
what it takes to complete a project with the quality and
craftsmanship that we pride ourselves on. That combination
of customer service, quality, and confidence in our labor is
the Industrial Floors and Coatings Advantage.