Ultra 250  
The backbone of our high-quality, long-lasting floor
system is our quarter-inch Ultra 250. The most
durable epoxy mortar on the market, Ultra 250 will
resist the harshest conditions and provide you with
a stable floor system for years to come.
Used with Ultra 250, or on its own, UltraSeal
combines strength with an attractive appearance to
become the pinnacle in floor protection. UltraSeal is
available in two finishes, and with a variety of
UltraChip is the ultimate choice in decorative, yet
durable floor systems. Used with Ultra 250, or on it
own, UltraChip combines the appearance of
terrazzo with the durability of a 100% solid epoxy.
Typically used in restrooms, showrooms, and
offices, UltraChip is available is a variety of colors
and textures. Call or email for color samples. Click
HERE for an example of UltraChip
Standard Colors for UltraSeal and Ultra 250
Custom colors available upon request
Light Gray
Medium Gray
Dark Gray
These colors should be considered close approximations. Call or email for a sample sheet.
Another decorative option is UltraQuartz.
UltraQuartz provides a three-dimensional
appearance, without sacrificing durability. Its high
gloss makes it ideal for showcase floors. Call or
email for color samples.