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We specialize in concrete floor coatings and repair for industrial and commercial customers. Our expert team provides speedy service and superior quality work at a great price. We offer several options to suit your needs. There is a reason why Industrial Floors and Coatings is reputed to be one of the leading industrial flooring providers in the area.

Cost effective industrial flooring systems should be durable, easy to maintain, and require lower maintenance costs. We use the highest quality epoxy for your flooring to provide a finish that lasts. In addition, we stand behind our products and services so you get more for your money when you rely on us.

Our flooring services extend from industrial floor installation to industrial floor repair and industrial floor removal. Industrial Floors and Coatings is fully equipped to also remove a multitude of existing floor coverings. From vinyl tile to carpet, we can remove it.

Contact Industrial Floors and Coatings and ask us about the most suitable industrial flooring option for your facility. We can help you select and install what you need at a price that matches your budget, or repair or remove your existing damaged floor.

A floor installed by Industrial Floors and Coatings will be an asset for years to come. We deliver what the specifications require and produce results that out-last our competition. Our employees are trained to install a variety of coating systems safely. Every job we take on is completed with precision and expertise.

Industrial Coatings




The backbone of our high-quality, long-lasting floor system is our quarter-inch Ultra 250. The most durable epoxy mortar on the market, Ultra 250 will resist the harshest conditions and provide you with a stable floor system for years to come.



Used with Ultra 250, or on its own, UltraSeal combines strength with an attractive appearance to become the pinnacle in floor protection. UltraSeal is available in two finishes, and with a variety of textures.


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